Take the Rain Away

Rain Rain go away…

After a few days of rain we are ready for the clouds to roll away and the sun to shine upon us! Then we go without rain for weeks, months, and in some areas years!! Then we are begging for the heavens to open and pour water upon us.

I love Spring. It is the sign of new life.

After a cold winter nature presents us with fields blanketed with wildflowers in all the shades in a Crayola box – blues, reds, purples, pinks, oranges, and yellows. The fall rains help to prepare the dormant seeds for a royal entrance in the early spring.

Rain is essential – life depends on it.

Every living thing must have water to survive, thrive and replenish. There are times that we get too much rain at one time and the overflow causes flooding leaving behind devastation. And, a long time between rainfall brings on a drought with disastrous results, too.

On a personal note, our life can be filled with abundance and drought, a spiritual drought. But, there is Living Water that is a shelter through storms that enter our life. We can make it through a storm, knowing there is someone walking with us or even carrying us.

One of my favorite things is when the threat of a freeze or frost has past and it is time to plant new flowers for spring. One year I just couldn’t wait. It had been a long winter, I was ready for new beginnings. I spent hours making the dirt ready and getting all the plants in the ground. Later that evening, a torrential downpour and wind threatened to ruin all of my hard work and destroy my tiny new plants. When I walked outside the next morning, there were a few tender plants uprooted. I carefully replanted them and in a few days, nourished by bright sunshine, they sprung to life and thrived.

As with nature, we often come through stronger, more determined that we stood up in the storm. We may have some scars but they are just a reminder of how we made it through a storm of life.

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