Warnings – Read, Heed, Ignore

Throughout life, beginning in childhood, we receive warnings…”Don’t touch, it’s hot!”, “Look both ways!”, “Drinking coffee stunts your growth!”- my Mom!. Weather alerts, travel alerts, civil defense sirens, CDC warnings, product warning labels, food allergy, medicine side effects, and on and on. Some people listen, some do not, some people take warnings seriously, some do We are currently living under a warning, unprecedented in most of our lifetimes. I’m not fearful, but concerned, very concerned. I take recommended precautions and stay informed with daily updates. We’ve never been here before…I will heed the warnings, stay in, wash my hands, stay informed, and sparingly read the “expert” comments.

What anchors you during a time of warnings?

Do you ignore, going on as if nothing has changed and you know more than the data? Or do you read, listen, heed the advice and take preventive measures?

I hope to live mindfully and take precautions during this precarious time affecting our everyday world, staying informed. And I will take my refuge in the safe protective arms of Christ. And keep creating 🎨🎨🎨🎨

While sheltering in place my passion to paint can’t be quarantined. So, I’ve been painting on a much smaller scale but with the same bold and luscious colors.

Below are some pieces that would be perfect to brighten any space while you shelter in place!
Or, for Mother’s Day, or just because….
Give the gift of flowers that never fade and last forever!

At this time, I’m offering contactless delivery within a 50-75 mile radius. Take a look in my Shop for more information and pricing for each piece or via the links in the photos below.

Stay in when you can, stay safe, stay healthy, stay hopeful, stay connected!!

Time Turn Over
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