Artistic Statement

I’ve been so fortunate to have traveled to many beautiful places which always inspire me to paint.

Inspiration for my work comes from the many photos I snap as well as the memories in my mind and heart.

I paint exclusively with oil. I love the feel as the paint transfers from the brush or knife onto the canvas.

I start with an idea and a vision and sometimes a sketch. Almost always, the painting flows in a totally different direction.

There’s always a story to tell. I am just the vessel.

If my art makes you smile and brings you joy, I consider myself successful and blessed.

“Lush, thick, puddles of color…An idea…Music…That’s how it starts; then a story evolves… I’m just the instrument used to tell the story.There is suspense and mystery until the very last brush stroke is applied!

My hope is that my paintings bring conversation, joy and happiness into the world.”

— Kathy Baker Mackey

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