Recently I got on the elevator in my building.  As I squeezed into the crowd, I noticed a young boy. He was standing by his Dad looking up. From his standpoint, he was looking WAY up. I thought, he has to feel small in this crowded elevator with everyone towering over him. I said,” hello, how are you, way down there.” He looked confused. His dad reached down and put him on  his shoulders!

Did my words make him feel small?  Apparently, his dad thought so, reason to lift him up. I started thinking about the word “small”.

Have you ever been made to feel “small”? Maybe how you were treated, by words spoken to you, by being ignored, made to feel irrelevant, by being shut out, by the “silent” treatment, by unforeseen circumstances?

Politicians are the best in using words to try and make the opponent feel small. (as we are witnessing during this political climate!!) It can be a form of bullying. I see it as a form of insecurity-the only way to build one’s self up is to tear another down.

Sometime, when we are at our lowest, God can use us for a much higher purpose. Often brokenness is a perfect time of intimacy with God. The secular world doesn’t look at it in the same way. The world often uses a low time in a persons life to make them feel small. God takes these moments and uses them to mold us, change us and to lift us up. He will use these moments to help you see beyond your circumstances. He will take the “blindsided” moment and give you a new way to see. Sometimes the things we thought were good, fall apart so better things can fall together.

You may question why your support system is no longer around. You begin to sink further, getting smaller. Feel lost and alone. Sometimes a dose of humility gives us a different perspective, so feeling low occasionally is a good thing. But, don’t linger there too long. Know that you are never small to God. He created you…YOU! And look around… the One who put the moon, stars and sun in the heavens doesn’t do anything SMALL.

 When we are on the bottom rung of the ladder about to slip and fall, God uses his Word as promised steps to the top. When you feel “small’ for any reason, go to the One who can lift you up to new heights!! Be still, listen, trust and lean on your faith.

Blessings and hugs…

Today’s Melody…

In Christ alone my hope if found…He is my light…my strength…my song…

Let God use you today to lift someone up…


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