Dancing Pears

14×17 (9×12 unframed)
Oil on Linen Board

Wow!  The move is almost complete….the house is packed….movers will be here Friday.

Denny and I will be attending our 40th high school reunion this weekend. It has been in the works since before our house went on the market. We decided months ago to reserve a room and stay the whole weekend. With the house sold and closing  set…..oh well. It will all work out.

Denny and I were highschool “sweethearts” along with a half dozen or so more couples. And most are still together. An amazing fete when statistics say “no way, you’re too young”(and we were)……not sure what the secret is…

I just love the song Honey Bee recorded by Blake Shelton. It has a catchy tune and clever fun words. It’s words about things that compliment, go together, opposites….as Denny often says, “we are like peas and carrots”(Forrest Gump talking about he and Jenny)….He loves Hank….I love Jon Bon Jovi….I love Broadway….He loves Country Music Videos…..He loves to travel cross country in the motorhome….I love to fly across the pond…..but its worked for almost 40 years!

It continues to amaze me how the idea for a song evolves into the song we hear on the radio.

Below is the “story” behind the song.

Today’s Song

Honey Bee

Written by Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip, the song was a happy accident that came about in an unusual way.

“We actually had no clue what we were going to write,” Akins tells Taste of Country. “Both of us got there and had no ideas. I was flipping through a Billboard magazine, and there was an article in there about Huckabee doing an album or something. I thought it said ‘Huckleberry.’ I said, ‘Well let’s write a song about huckleberry … ‘I’m your huckleberry.’ That turned into ‘honeysuckle,’ but we didn’t know what it meant. Then it turned into ‘honeysuckle / honey bee.’”
The song’s chorus is a cute play on words of things that work well together, “It was a different way for the guy to say, ‘We should date, I love you,’” Akins explains. “We started coming up with different things. If you’ll be this, I’ll be that. We spent a majority of the time coming up with cool things for the chorus.”
Coming from two good ole Georgia boys, the song was something they could relate to well.

Today’s Song

Who is your Honey Bee?

Blessings and Hugs….
He is my rock and shield
He is my mercy and grace
He is my light against  darkness
He is my peace and faith
He is my belief and salvation
I am His trusting and faithful
He is so much to me and all he asks is for us to be trusting and faithful, He’ll be the rest…..

Psalm 28:7

New International Version (NIV)
7 The LORD is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.
My heart leaps for joy,
and with my song I praise him.

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