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House sale continues but has entered a new phase…..stuff. Seriously, how many muffin tins does one household need? Now, those who know me, know how much my kitchen gets used on any given year?! I do not need 7 mini-muffin tins….How many flower vases does anyone household need?
Six 6….plastic tubs of photographs…!!!!!! Mostly of my joy-Mackey Payton….I think from the time she was born till at least three years of age, I took a picture of her every breath!!!!

Stuff…we love our stuff. When we moved 9 1/2 years ago from Scurry, a home we had lived in for 23 years, there was a lot of stuff. We had a dumpster brought in and started on the barn first, then garage, closets, cabinets, etc. Back then we were avid antique collectors. I had some wonderful pieces and found “homes” for most of the ones I treasured. I still have a vivid picture of a dear friend who had come to “help”(translation-someones trash is another’s treasure), as quickly as I loaded up the dumpster I’d turn around and all I’d see was her behind up in the air as she dug things out of the dumpster. Seriously, the truth.

I spent a half day going through tubs that were stored in the attic. Mostly were memories brought from Scurry 10 years ago. I think I have to hold the record of how many hairstyles a person can have in a lifetime! I uncovered Dan’l’s FFA and 4-H jackets, her baseball glove and much more….Great memories but I have to admit some has to go in the trash pile but the treasure is in my heart.

So, as I decide what I want to keep and what I will get rid of it causes me to pause and think of what my treasure is and what my trash is…..
Trash can be anger, bitterness, worry, arrogance, hatred….
Treasure can be forgiveness, faith, trust, love…

All of us have trash and treasures we just have to know when to clean out the closets…..

Today’s Song
“In 2007, when Mike Farris debuted his critically acclaimed Salvation in Lightspeople who’d never heard of the former Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelie’s frontman, music business people and retailers who thought they’d “heard it all and seen it all,” stood with mouths agape, eyes like saucers, aghast at how that sound, that soul, could come from such an unlikely source. ”

We took a trip to Nashville last fall with our friends Bill and Dana. The reason for the trip was a long weekend of nothing but “live music”. We truly had a blast. One evening we were going to the Station Inn( ) to hear bluegrass. So, we got a great table, beverages and awaited bluegrass. Well, long story short, out comes the band, started tuning up….not bluegrass instruments, then comes the back-up singers, hmmmmm….isn’t looking like bluegrass….than appears this guy….hat, sunglasses and out of his mouth the most amazing sound ever. As I state over and over….I’m not the best reviewer of music but this guy just “wow’s” me.

We all four were on our iphones looking up this guys story and boy is it a story…..listen to this one then go search him, buy his cd’s. He is truly unique. Check out his bio on his website
Even if it isn’t your “style” of music, you have to appreciate his unique gift.

I love painting to his music and  a little dancing around, too.

Blessings and Hugs,

Matthew 6:19-20

English Standard Version (ESV)
Lay Up Treasures in Heaven

19(A) “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where(B) moth and rust destroy and where thieves(C) break in and steal, 20(D) but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal

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