Since my last post, our county, state and nation has faced tremendous heartache and tragedy. I got media/news overload but still couldn’t stop watching and reading. Then yesterday, I was home and happened to turn the tv on and the George W. Bush Library dedication was just beginning. So, I sat down and watched. By the end I had laughed, cried and reflected back over many years. Five, present and former, Presidents stood together, all with a common love of this great nation. My favorite quote came from 43, “Life is service to the end”.

Later in the afternoon, I stood on a corner in my town along side firemen, with a red bucket collecting for the West, Texas VFD. I continue to be amazed at the generosity of people. I’m so proud of our community to want to help, in some way, the people  who have suffered an unspeakable tragedy.

It was stated on my Facebook page, that it is “undignifed” to “beg” for  firemen. While this comment stung a bit, I feel this statement is from someone who really doesn’t understand the full meaning and impact of a Volunteer Fire Department. I could write for days on what I have witnessed since my husband has been on the CVFD. It is unmeasureable what these men and women contribute to their community. Had they not been willing to serve, lives would have been lost. They serve with courage and selfless dedication.

In recent years, our department has been blessed to not have to have fundraisers to keep our department up and equipped. But, for many, many years we did have to do so to supplement our  department. When tragedy hits like in West, Texas, ending eleven brave heroes lives, changing families forever, destroying trucks and equipment collecting money is the very least our fire department can offer.

I am overjoyed that after one afternoon, the CVFD EXCEEDED their projected goal, and we have two more days of HELPING, for those wishing to particpate. And, we didn’t have to “BEG” once!

Whether these heroes, who put their lives in the face of danger every day, are paid or volunteer, they deserve our heart felt help, praise and thanks.

Blessings and hugs…

Today’s Melody…

“LIFE IS SERVICE TO THE END…” Let His light shine through you to serve others.

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