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Dr. Seuss says it best…Oh, the places you will go… I have a burning passion to travel. My mantra is, “say go” and I can be packed in ten minutes. Unfortunately, I am not able to go as often as I’d choose. But, I have been so VERY blessed to have traveled to many, many of God’s beautiful places. Below are some snippets I’ve learned along the way…(some are related to “traveling through life”)

Enjoy the view…Stay focused…be observant…stay open to change…we are not all the same…Enjoy the view…beauty is as far as your eye can see…drink water…challenge yourself…GPS isn’t foolproof…set your sights high…travel light(many different meanings including life)Enjoy the view…if at all possible, don’t wait for “someday”, it often doesn’t ever come…slow down, things happen, interruptions are a given…airlines aren’t responsible for all delays…breathe, breathe, breathe…missed flights, lost luggage, make for good “stories” later…Enjoy the view…look for the rainbow when rain cascades down on your vacation…zero in so not to miss things along the path of the journey…try leaping before looking…taste it you might like it…Enjoy the view!

Blessings and hugs…

Today’s Melody:

(Inspired by Dr. Seuss!)

Oh, the places we will go, Oh, the experiences we will have, Oh the memories we will make, Oh, the wine we will drink, There is fun to be had, There are adventures to make us glad, We are off and away so let’s don’t delay…

La dolce vita ci attende!!

Psalm 147:8

New International Version (NIV)

8 He covers the sky with clouds;     he supplies the earth with rain     and makes grass grow on the hills.

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