Over the weekend I was enjoying listening to a great bluegrass cd, friends of mine just released. What incredible talent. Out of the ten songs, my friends wrote seven. I started thinking, HOW? Do you write the words first, or the notes/melody, how does it all come together to make such a beautiful sound? My husband is a musician and I asked him the question. He really didn’t give a clear answer, he say’s you just “hear” it….????
I appreciate music, some genres much more than others, but I truly appreciate the art of creating the sound. Some songs are so beautiful, some bring tears to my eyes, others make me want to dance, some relax me, and some I can’t wait to pick up my pallet knife or brush!

I was not blessed with a voice to sing beautiful music. So, as I continue this journey of discovery, can my paintings be my song to sing? When I paint I turn on my favorite tunes, ones that inspire me, and I let the paint flow…..So, I guess I can say my paints are the notes, and the colors are the words. As I put the paint on the canvas, it often flows into exactly what I hoped, other times it takes a completely different turn. Some days, I have to walk away and leave it on the easel only to return a few days later, and the painting has a whole new “sound”.

My hope is for you to enjoy your “music” in whatever form brings you joy.
Blessings and hugs…..
I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. Ps.146:2

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  1. Laurie Pace Texas Contemporary Artist ~ International Equine Artist

    This is beautiful! I love the painting and the blog. After the wedding we will visit. I love you Kathy…Laurie

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