My mom and me

A quick blog…The above picture was taken a few years back. Our church had a spring tea. We all wore hats and it was a great day.

A lot of who are reading this blog, know the struggle my mom recently has had with her physical and  mental health. We have had to make a very hard decision and place her in a skilled nursing/rehab facility. We are not certain if she will return to her home. As I was gathering items to make her room pleasant and inviting, I came across the above picture and placed it in a frame. It is hanging on her wall.

And, once again a, SUNFLOWER, appears. This reoccurring theme continues to amaze me. Read previous blogs if you are not following my thoughts….!!!!

The Son has been preparing me with sunflowers all along this journey!!

3 x 3 palette knife oil

displayed on easel

Purchase ~ $15.00

Blessings and hugs…..

Today’s “Song”…

We all need someone who gives us the courage to be who we’re meant to be.  

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