Her Yellow Rose

8×8 Oil Palette Knife

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He dried my tears and replaced with blessings, memories, joy, and adventures.

It’s been a year of “firsts” without my mom. She left this earthly home September 1, 2012. So, very blessed to have many wonderful lessons, wisdom, laughs, memories to remember what a wonderful lady, (emphasis on lady), she was to many.

She overcame so many obstacles  and was a success in many areas of her life. And, she did so with much grace. Even when she was afraid, she covered it up with courage and determination. She worked hard, loved to have fun, lived to dance, but her family was her No. 1 source of joy and happiness. Perfect? Far from it but a wonderful mother who not only taught me about the Lord, but showed Him through her light she shined so brightly. And, for that reason, I will see her again one day, dancing in the streets of gold.

I love you and miss you everyday, momma.

Blessings and hugs…

Today’s Melody…

Roses and other delightful flowers of the field, are the beauty and glory of the field, they clothe the grass. The Son of God is the beauty and glory of mankind, by assuming of our nature into union with himself. It is he who is the crown of mortals, sitting in glory at the right-hand of the Majesty in Heaven.

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