Bouquet of Friends

 4 x 4 oil palette knife

gallery wrapped canvas

Purchase ~ $25.00

The canvases are screaming “paint me paint me”!! I haven’t picked up a brush in over a week!! My “other life” has summoned me to help with a move. So, packing boxes, organizing, blah, blah blah. But, I have a few requests so hoping to paint soon!

The above little painting was inspired by the flowers in my yard. I just love flowers and to plant and watch them sprout and grow gives me enormous joy. They put a smile on my face. Earlier in the spring I bought a package of flower seeds. And, one day I planted them in my herb garden, thinking they’d just fill a small corner. Well, they took over. They grew tall and one day I looked and big beautiful blooms had taken over the whole garden.  The butterflies loved them and so do I. I know the blooms will not last long in this Texas heat unless they are cared for and watered. I’ve made several bouquets and enjoyed as they perked up my kitchen. During the recent rain storms their blooms weathered the rain and wind and were still standing when all was calm.


Flowers are alot like friends…they both make the world a better place by just being in it, they both need care…water with time spent together…fertilizer with actions…weed anything that hinders the growth. Flowers like friends bring us joy…celebrate important events in our life…a big bouquet of friends makes life a much happier place.

Blessings and hugs…

Today’s Melody…

I have learned that to have a good friend is the purest of all God’s gifts, for it is a love that has no exchange of payment…Frances Farmer


From my garden

Blossoming flowers look great before they’re cut or picked,
but without soil or water they wither more quickly than grass. Job 8:12 MSG

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