Concealed Wounds of the Heart

30 x 48

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As I was stopped at a light recently, I glanced to my right and there was a woman on a bench. She had four black trash bags and several bundles. It was a very warm day, but she wore several layers of clothing. She appeared to be sleeping, and had both arms stretched out to the side holding on to all of her baggage. I wonder what is her story.

While driving through the area where I live, I see lots of people who live in shelters, underpasses or in some hidden area out of the site of others. They usually have lots of baggage…shopping carts or baby buggies filled and overflowing. This is all of their “stuff”, the heavy load they carry. And, in most cases, will go to great lengths to hang on to their baggage.

Although, I witness on a daily basis, those that are weighed down with literally baggage, I too witness those who are weighed down with hidden baggage. In their bags are wounded and broken hearts, bags filled with betrayal, guilt, anger, pain, un – forgiveness, loneliness and fear. We hide and conceal our emotional baggage from others, or we think we do. We put on that smile, that laughter, we drink one two many glasses of wine, we may take an extra pill, we may eat one more piece of pie, we may buy one more pair of shoes. I am not being flippant but we often find ways we think will make us feel better and lighten our load. And, often they do, but it is temporary. We make choices to conceal our hidden baggage, to cover our hurts. But, there is only one way to unpack it, leave it, get rid of it…turn it over to the only one who can unpack our bags, haul our garbage away, giving us a new start, a heart free of guilt, free of anger, free of fear. He covers us in grace and mercy. All we have to do is submit to Him…and He will make our load lighter, He will carry it for us.

I wish I could help the ones I witness daily lighten their load, but I can pray and do what little I can with ones I come in contact.

Today’s Melody…

The painting above is very special to me. While moving a year or so ago, I was packing up my studio. As I walked out of the door, a wind gust caught the canvas and we both fell to the ground. As I got up, I noticed a small tear in the canvas. This was a canvas a friend gave me to paint for her daughter. I was not throwing it away and thought I’d try and repair the canvas. Fast forward….one day I cranked up my music and the paint started flowing. I had repaired the canvas from the back and planned on putting thick paint to conceal any damage. But, I knew it was there. So, I decided to make the painting a “mixed media”. I found some metal sheeting and cut out some pieces. The smallest one, in the middle is where the small tear was located. And, I placed two more on the canvas. I studied the painting for several days, deciding if it was finished. During this time, we had some friends over and I showed them the painting. This is the part of art I love…!!!! One said, I see a heart…I looked and did not see, then she pointed to it…and then to my eye it appeared. Something greater than my brush put the heart in this painting…

Can you see the heart…?

Blessings and hugs

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