Shadows of Sienna

Shadows of Sienna

18 x 24


Purchase ~ $250


One of a kind..courageous.



Good works…honorable

You are beautiful…makes a difference


Words are powerful. At a time in my life when most of the light had dimmed and I felt left to weep alone, a package came in the mail. It was a leather bracelet. It has the above words and many more written around the leather. It came at just the right time. I have worn it everyday since I received it. At times, just reading it makes me smile, at other times reading it has pushed me into the next hour. The smile comes when thinking that there is only one who would think those things of me, even some of the time.

God created a perfect world and He created us. We are the ones who messed it up. Each day we struggle, we must remember, He loves us…we are special, we are beautiful, we are His one of a kind…we matter.

My husband always buys bananas when he grocery shops. Once home, he hangs them from this little “banana hanger”. It is suppose to keep them fresher longer. Many times, I have tossed them in the garbage without peeling them as the skin looks spotted and assume they have gone “bad”.  The other day, I noticed how spotted the newest batch had become. I took them off the hanger and was about to toss them away. They seemed too far gone. But, I decided to peel one hoping some of it was salvagable, as I was a bit hungry. As, I peeled away the layers, I discovered a perfectly ripe banana. There wasn’t one dark spot on the inside. As, I ate the sweet and delicious fruit, I began thinking (sometimes a dangerous path for me!!!)  often times, we look at someone and their life situation at the time, and we think we know them and what they are going through. We might see only the dark spots, the bruises,  and just assume that the inside is the same and we toss them. We leave them to weep alone. We give up on them.

But, I know One, who no matter how dark the world gets, how long and hard the journey becomes, how much I fall down, try it my way, don’t listen, and fall down AGAIN and AGAIN, He will be by my side, with grace and mercy, and forgiveness. He won’t scold, ridicule, condemn, He will not leave me to weep alone, He will wipe away my tears. He will keep the smile on my face. He will instruct in a small still voice…I just have to be still and listen and trust!

“God wants to speak words of direction, forgiveness and grace into your life”…(Heaven Changes Everything)

I am so thankful, I have a savior, that when he sees my many, many dark spots. He knows I’m His, even though, I fail so many times.  His Grace and Mercy is the perfect “dark spot” remover.

When you feel lonely, unworthy, unloveable, remember the One who created you, loves you, believes in you…You are His creation. He will not toss you away. Hang on, cling to Him.

Norman Vincent Peale had simple advice…”Ask the God who made you to keep remaking you.”

His love is the Joy I wake up with everyday!!

Below is a link to the website of a gifted singer, we recently met and invited to our church. All of his music is great but one song touches me greatly. Take the time to listen to Grace and Mercy. Read about Erskin…a great testimony and a life living for Christ, in an awesome very different way.

He Whispers My Name

He Whispers My Name

30 x 40

oil on gallery wrapped canvas (ready to hang)

Purchase ~ $425

Reach out to someone today with a hug, a word, a prayer, a smile…

Blessings and hugs…

Nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord…Romans 8:38-39

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