It’s a new year!!


In previous posts about the new year, I stated that I choose to look forward, not make resolutions(which I wouldn’t keep). But, to only look back at the many blessings I received, lessons I learned and to look forward and  EXPECT new blessings, new lessons, new opportunities, new ways to serve, paint, paint, paint!!, (And,I hope to blog, blog, blog!!)

2016 was filled with more change. After two years of city loft living we made the decision to relocate in August. Though some questioned our decision  to move to the city in 2014, myself included, living in the city those years afforded opportunities and blessings I’d never received had we not had the courage to make the change. There were many rough spots,  but in the big scheme of things, lessons were learned and a closer relationship to Him is the biggest blessing of all. It strengthened my faith, trust, and hope in Him. And, just like in 2014,  we knew it was right to move to the city, we knew in 2016 it was the time to make another change.


While living in the city, I had the opportunity to explore new employment opportunities. I worked with a very talented firm and learned so much. I had a solo art show in a beautiful gallery. I met so many wonderful people. With each one, I gained something I will always cherish. I hope they did, too. Some walked through my life for a short time, hopefully some will remain a bit longer!!

I also left some things behind. Some were left with sadness and pain. Some were left because it was time. Some were left for the greater good. Some were left because it is in His plan.

Below are some great things that happened in 2016…regarding my art.

I received word on Dec. 30, that I had placed Third in the Where Art Lives Still Life competition. I was so humbled and honored to be in the company of such amazing artists… Nancy Medina, First place, and Bob Shepherd, Second place. Nancy was one of my teachers, whose voice of encouragement and instruction is in every painting.


30 x 30 Black Floating Frame

for more information email me:

Go to to view the group show of the winners and Nancy’s solo show.

My painting Autumn was a finalist in the William Chris Winery art label competition. I did not win, but it was so much fun. A big thank you to Andrea for representing me at the winery!


24×36 Oil Professional framed

for information :

(Inside tip: look closely and you may see Santa… I did not paint him, he just showed up!!!! This was brought to my attention by someone viewing my art. I love, love, love to hear what others “see” in my art!! )

In 2016, I also moved to a new studio. I fell into a really great opportunity(thanks to my husband!). I am in one of the oldest creative communities in Dallas. A 120 year old building with some of the most amazing creative people. Twice a year our studios are open to the public for Open Studios Show. I’ve been able to participate in one and look forward to our Spring Open Studios! Three floors of artists studios to visit, music, food, fun!

you can always come by for a visit…you have to call first as the studios are closed to the public but twice a year or by appointment.

I am richly blessed and I love to give the praise and glory to Him.

I hope you can look back on your 2016 and see blessings, lessons, and joy in places you’d never had imagined. I hope as 2017 starts you will be still and notice all the blessings that surround us daily. We so often miss everyday blessings as we rush through our day. Take some time each day to be still and listen…

Be still, and know that I am God…Psalm 46:10

Blessings and hugs…


It's a new year!!

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