As I watched a golf tournament on TV the other day, I realized how you can go along full of confidence, be  5-6 strokes ahead of the closest contender and as you approaching the 18th hole, on the final day of the tournament, a win is in the bag! You take the driver out of the bag, make a near perfect shot off the tee and it lands right in the middle of the fairway. The crowd cheers. The next shot lands on the green just feet from the pin, a possible eagle, assuredly a birdie. But, WAIT, what’s it doing? Rolling, rolling, NO……NO…..plunk in the water! For those who golf…you know the feeling. For you that do not….trust me your heart just stops, a sick feeling in your stomach, disbelief.

Isn’t that how life is? We are just skipping along, life is good, then the ball rolls in the water. When a professional golfer hits a “bad” shot, he usually has plenty of good shots stored in his bag. He  has plenty of experience,  knows which club to pull out, his caddy has all the statistics of the hole, etc. Will he recover, lose his lead? When you are in the last day of the tournament, the last hole, and the ball goes in the water…..hmmm….this game I watched, he just didn’t have enough good shots left…

I recently took an art workshop and we were given handouts with tips and tools for our apron…techniques, suggestions, ideals to improve our art. These came from the artists experience, her mess ups, her “try and try agains”, It’s the same thing with golf and life….Tools are mostly from previously made mistakes, past experiences, wisdom learned, knowledgeable suggestions made, so that another’s task in life is more successful, bearable,and easier.

What tools are in your bag that you pull out when the ball of life rolls into the water? Some great one’s to keep in the bag are: trust, hope, belief, faith, perserverance, healthy fear (there is actually good fear!!) determination, a positive attitude are just a few great tools that help along the way, if that seemingly perfect shot rolls in the water.

As in golf, sometimes you can’t make the perfect shot and come out of the hazard to win the tournament, but you can finish the game, learn from it and head to the next one, if you have the right tools in your bag.

I hope you are enjoying my new blog format. Thanks to Jessica (websites: business and blog) who designed it and continues to walk me through changes, something I fight hard!! I hope to have the 95% complete studio 100% by March 1 to begin painting daily! I’m pulling my tools of “hope and determination” out of the bag!

A tree planted by the water......

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Blessings and Hugs…..

Jeremiah 17:8

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