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Blessings, Joy, Melodies, and Strokes…

It’s a new year!! 2017… In previous posts about the new year, I stated that I choose to look forward, not make resolutions(which I wouldn’t keep). But, to only look back at the many blessings I received, lessons I learned and to look forward and  EXPECT new blessings, new lessons, new opportunities, new ways to serve, […]

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Reflect, Restore, Revive and Renew

  Won’t Be Shaken 12 x 24 Oil Sold I reflect… Wow, a new year, how quickly they come. A time, many strive to make resolutions to change, improve or “do over”. I prefer to just reflect back on the year. I browse my calendar, my diary of sorts, from January through December.  I also browse through […]

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