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Love Never Fails…??!!!

Oil-Gallery Wrapped includes Black Floating Frame 15 x 30(16 1/2 by 31 1/2 framed) $325.00 Love Never Fails…I really had a hard time typing that…because humanly(?) love does fail, at times. Leaving us broken, hurt, sad, questioning and angry. Hold on…this isn’t a sad blog… The “Love” day is fast approaching…I’ve blogged about Valentines Day in previous […]

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Do You See It?

You Steady My Heart A few months back, I was blessed to have a solo show at the Janette Kennedy Gallery. It was mostly a new body of work titled, “Old Paths Lead to New Journey’s”. It succeeded my expectations…Blessed! One of the most exciting part of art for me, is what others see, what […]

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His Love

  Hope 12 x 16 Oil The meaning of the white rose is…I am worthy of You, Heavenly, Innocence, Purity Awwww….February the “Love” month. Advertisements  to order flowers ,buy candy, make reservations for dinner for that “special person” are abundant as the “love” day approaches.   I was one of those “wallflower” kids that NEVER received a box […]

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