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Life’s Playbook

8×8 65.00 Super Bowl!!  With all the hype of this weekends game, I can’t help but think of football. I’ll admit, I’m one of the 24% who mainly tune in for the half-time show and commercials. Coldplay, Lady GaGa…Yea! But, the GAME-the Win – is what the hype is really about. The teams are already champions in their division. […]

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PicMonkey Collage

Challenge Completed…(almost!)

I did it…almost!! I committed to  Paint 30 paintings in 30 days. The object was to paint everyday, post and blog. I was all prepared. I had all my supplies, I laid out photos for inspiration, organized paint area and was ready to paint. I set my alarm to rise 2 hours early each day. […]

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Do You See It?

You Steady My Heart A few months back, I was blessed to have a solo show at the Janette Kennedy Gallery. It was mostly a new body of work titled, “Old Paths Lead to New Journey’s”. It succeeded my expectations…Blessed! One of the most exciting part of art for me, is what others see, what […]

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