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As I was cleaning out a “junk drawer” this morning, I came across a fortune from a cookie. At first, I tossed it in the trash, then thought, hmmmm if I saved it, maybe it has some words of wisdom!! Here it is, “You do not have to know where you are going to be headed in the right direction“, interesting. At first read, you may go “Huh”, but think about it.

I love road trips. Just hop in the car and head out, with really no destination in mind.  But, around a corner or at the crest of a hill, a real WOW moment. Or, you’ve typed in the address into the GPS, and after many twists and turns you hear, “you have arrived at your destination”!!

How often have you traveled down a road with seemingly no direction to find yourself in a WOW moment. I’m not speaking of a literal road. I’m talking about a direction in life. Often, we think we have hit a dead end, a real bump in the road, a chug hole, constant road blocks and endless construction.

We may think we are alone , no help is available, we’ve reached the end of hope and possibilities. But, if we believe, have faith, trust, we are never alone. We just have to reach out for His hand. It may not lead us in the direction we want or think we need, but if we allow Him, he will lead us in the right direction. As my husband often says, we don’t see God’s hand in our situation until later when we look backwards and like the poem Footprints says, He was carrying us.

Our need to be in control, to do it “our way”,  often detours us right into the path of the construction zone. We still may have a few chug holes along the way, but His guiding hand will get us through. If we listen to his voice He will lead us out of the construction zone and we just may have a Wow moment. He’s our spiritual GPS.

Blessings and hugs….

Today’s Melody:

Scripture says, “the sheep listen to His voice.” (John 10:2-4) The mark of a disciple of Jesus is the ability to hear the Master’s voice.

Which voice do you hear?  Let me state something important.  There’s never a time Jesus is not speaking.  Never a place in which Jesus is not present.  Never a room so dark, that the ever-present, ever-pursuing Jesus is not present.

Never!  If we will but listen to His voice.

From: In The Eye of the Storm, Max Lucado

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