Joyful Busyness

  Awwww….the Season….Upon us once again. Each year it arrives earlier and earlier. I think the first sign of Christmas I witnessed this year was in September!! It was at a craft store but still always amazes me. Along with this season comes memories. Some good, some not so good. We miss those that are […]

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I Want to Know

Build up or Break down

I Want to Know Private Collection Words… I recently watched The Help for about the third time. It is a great movie, but one that leaves me with bitter/sweet emotions. One of the most touching parts of the movie to me is when Aibileen is talking to little Mae Mobley, telling her to always remember, […]

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Do You See It?

You Steady My Heart A few months back, I was blessed to have a solo show at the Janette Kennedy Gallery. It was mostly a new body of work titled, “Old Paths Lead to New Journey’s”. It succeeded my expectations…Blessed! One of the most exciting part of art for me, is what others see, what […]

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