Lovely in Greece


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The above painting is from a photo by my friend and travel buddy, Linda. She took it while we were in Greece in 2010.  It is painted with Holbein water soluable oils.

Wow, how the month has zoomed by….Denny mentioned the other morning that I havn’t blog in a while. He is so right. My mind has been so cluttered with new home stuff, unpacking, arranging, adjusting, etc. It has been a great time. Only downfall is I havn’t painted very much. I did sign up for class with Niki. And, I attended her workshop this past weekend at the Arboretum and White Rock.

If you live near Dallas and have not experienced the Arboretum….GO. It is a jewel in the middle of Dallas (really East Dallas). Spring and Fall are fabulous. And, of course, White Rock Lake is tranquil, beautiful, full of energy. We were so blessed with perfect weather….cool in the morning but by afternoon the layers were coming off. At the end of the days, I was exhausted but  exhilarated at the same time, painting God’s magnificent colors, but tired from standing, walking and carrying all my art stuff around!! Hauling all of the baggage wore me out….I started thinking-did I really need to bring all this stuff?

But, isn’t that what we often do in life, too? We carry so much excess baggage around that weighs us down. Our load can be much lighter if we just let go. It may be old resentments, angers, relationships, old habits. First step to a lighter load is a willingness to see a future without old stuff. Do you ever get tired of carrying excess baggage around when you can lay it at the feet of the One who tells us, He will carry all our worries.

During this recent move, I have learned to let go of alot of stuff, both material and emotional. It is so freeing. It is  easier on the shoulders to carry around a lighter bag. It’s time to unload the old stuff and upload a lighter, brighter future.


Today’s Song


Blessings and hugs,

Psalm 55:22

The Message (MSG)
 22-23 Pile your troubles on God‘s shoulders—
he’ll carry your load, he’ll help you out.

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