God Is Great…Life Is Not Always

Floating Frame (19×25)

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Often when I sit down to write my blog, the words are just not there…so I pray and wait for Him to send the words, the idea, the point…this blog came through the tv (!!) and a daily devotion.

I rarely pay attention to commercials…but recently one caught my attention. It was for a wound care center.  It advertised a state of the art center for difficult to heal wounds…chronic and non-healing wounds. It continued on with words like: wounds that won’t heal cause a disruption and diminished quality of life, acute wounds, pressure wounds. As these words conjure up not too pleasant visions, it made me think of emotional wounds, psychological wounds… hurtful word wounds… betrayal wounds…lonely wounds.  I truly believe in the physical pain of an emotional wound. I, myself,  have felt the physical pain of a wounded heart. And at times I wonder if it will ever heal.

Emotional wounds  also disrupt and destroy quality of life. Emotional wounds  paralyze you, keep you bedridden, keep you in isolation, keep you paranoid, keep you medicated.

But, there is hope and there is a  “state of the art” place to go and a great healer that will heal the broken heart. In His medicine cabinet are words of comfort, hope, mercy, grace and promise. A daily dose of God’s Word brings us comfort and hope. We can read of mercy, grace and His promise. With time, our wound begins to heal. It is covered with mercy and grace. The scar may be a reminder of His promise that He is always with us…in the good times and the bad. He will never leave or betray you.

Gwen Smith, one of my Girlfriends in God daily devotion writers, penned a beautiful song with the words:

Oh wounded heart…hurting friend…desperate and afraid 

 Healer of the Broken, can be found on Gwen Smith’s Uncluttered CD available on ITunes

Blessings and hugs,

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3


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