Field of Dancers

24 x 24 Oil

Gallery Wrapped

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The above painting is a palette knife of thick luscious oils. As I layered on the paint, the music was blaring and I just envisioned the flowers dancing in the fields. I’m not really “with it” in the modern dances but they may have been doing the Harlem Shuffle(I really don’t know what that is but keep hearing of it )!!

Blessings and hugs….

Today’s Melody….

LIVE as though heaven is on earth

“let your light so shine before men…” Matt. 5:16

LOVE as though you have never been hurt…

“that you love one another as I have loved you” John 13:34

LAUGH at least once a day and mostly at yourself

“…a time to weep, and a time to laugh…” Eccles. 3:4

SING as though no one can hear you!!!

“…let us sing psalms of praise to him…” Ps. 95.2

 DANCE as though no one is watching you!!!

“…let them praise his name with dancing…” Ps. 149.3

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