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What is your comfort level?
Hospitals have a chart showing smiley/frown faces grading your pain/comfort level.
How do you label yours?
Recently in a conversation I was told, “change is not always comfortable”, a very, very good point. But, it doesn’t have to be negative, just different, adjusting, new, and exciting.
I asked Mackey Payton, what she likes about our current house. She thought for a moment and said, “your recliner and tv”!! When she’s at our house it is a special refuge from her daily routine. Not a bad thing, just a different thing. She “vegges” out, I fix her favorites special treats. She finds comfort in all of these things, not saying she doesn’t have comfort at home, just a break in routine.
Dan’l always loved  my mom, her Nanny, to fix her famous tuna fish (yuck to me, it wasn’t until a few years ago, my good friend Bill, introduced me to Ahi tuna, which I love, but not Charlie out of a can) served with just the right pickle and slices of cheddar cheese. But, apparently my mom’s version is delicious. After Dan’l was an adult and out in the working field, she’d call up my mom and ask for her tuna salad. She and Barb, a co-worker would scoot to the Grove for lunch. Finding comfort in the small familiar memories.
As we continue this change in our life, we are leaving some very comforting places. Our refuge after a very stressful week or day has been our patio. With God’s strokes of brilliant color across the sky, the beauty of the reflections on the pond just off the 13th green, the early morning birds singing… a familiar comfort zone.
Wherever we find our next haven of rest, I know it will be another of God’s comfort zones. We will still have sky, sunsets, sunrises and singing birds and I’m sure many more areas of comfort.
Today’s Song
Blessings and hugs…..
My people will live in peaceful places and in safe homes and in calm places of rest. Isaiah 32:18 ncv

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  1. Loved the blog today Kath – the comfort zone is awesome when we need comforting – but there's a lot more to living life to the full – and harnessing all the potential God gives us so we can be of true lasting service to others.

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