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I Want to Know

Build up or Break down

I Want to Know Private Collection Words… I recently watched The Help for about the third time. It is a great movie, but one that leaves me with bitter/sweet emotions. One of the most touching parts of the movie to me is when Aibileen is talking to little Mae Mobley, telling her to always remember, […]

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Day 9

NFS I have to confess, I broke down and had a Sprinkles cupcake this week. Not just any cupcake but a Sea Salted Caramel cupcake!!! Salt and sugar, you might ask? If you havn’t tried it, you have missed an amazing explosion of flavors. Taste buds are never the same. Sidebar… two sessions on the […]

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Love #3 Shelby Rae

Shelby Rae 4 x 4 mini pet portrait with easel   Need I say more? When Shelby Rae came into our lives, she stole of our hearts. It had been six years since we had a four legged member of the family. Hank, our beloved cocker died in 2003. We had Hank for sixteen years, […]

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